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Gas Fitting


Safety & Compliance


If you are making the switch to gas appliances, or simply upgrading your current appliances, Belair Plumbing offers a full range of gas fitting services to ensure your new appliances are installed correctly.

Gas appliances are highly efficient when compared to electric and, over time, they can save you money on your monthly energy bills. Safe and effective when installed correctly, gas appliances help to reduce your energy useage, making them a more environmentally friendly option.
While they are very safe to use when they're hooked up properly, when not installed correctly, they have the potential to cause a gas leak and even a small leak is potentially hazardous. Our qualified and licensed gas fitting team is trained specifically in connecting gas lines to ensure compliance, safety and efficiency.
Safety & Compliance — Plumbing Services in Tablelands, QLD
Whether you have an existing gas line and would like to replace a gas appliance, or you want to replace your electric appliances with gas ones, we can help. We provide both residential and commercial gas fitting services.

We're always available to answer any questions you may have and can arrange an onsite consultation at your premises to do a free assessment and provide a quote.

We provide quality services at reasonable rates.